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24 Years Guiding Experience. A Lifetime of Hunting Exposure.

G4 Outfitters

How G4 Outfitters Began

Hi, I’m Quint Gonzales, owner of G4 Outfitters. I first obtained my guides license in Wyoming in 2000. From then on I have had a guides license and guided for other outfitters.

I began hunting at the legal age of 14 with my first big game animal being a bighorn sheep. Growing up as a kid my dad had an outfitting business also so I was exposed to it at a young age.

I guided throughout the years for a couple different outfitters doing wilderness horseback hunts, to hunting the prairies for deer and antelope.  Along with taking paying clients we also did a lot of hunting for ourselves each year. 

After the fall of 2020 I decided to pursue getting my outfitters license for myself.

Through the winter and spring that year I completed the process of getting my outfitters license, and G4 was started.

We were ready to roll the spring of 2021 with lion season being our first hunts. We have been rolling steady ever since.

A Family Affair...

My wife Amy and our 2 kids, Adelie and Wyatt play a key role in the success of the business.

Amy does the majority of the cooking for the deer and antelope hunts.

The kids are great helpers in getting things prepped for the season and keeping things rolling as the season goes by.

All of us love to hunt and be outdoors also. The family ranch where we live is where all of our deer and antelope hunts take place.

Living here year round is a huge benefit when it comes to knowing the patterns of the animals and where they like to hide out.

Our Guides

Choosing Only the Best

We make sure the Guides we bring on board are experienced, professional and trust worthy. It is important to us that you have the best experience possible, and that begins with quality guides and a laid back but professional atmosphere in camp and on the trail.


Our guides come to us with lots of experience in the hunting arena.

The majority of them have been with us several years but from time to time we get a new guide on board and they hunt with a seasoned guide first to learn the ropes.


All of our Guides are licensed with the Wyoming Board of Outfitters and Guides.

Friendly, Professional

We have a good time in camp and, when it's time to get the hunt on, our guides know how to get after it and go to work.

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