Spring Bear & Lion



Spring Bear


May 1 through June 15

About Our Wyoming Spring Bear

The season for our bear hunts runs from May 1 through June 15. These hunts are all done over baits. The baits can all be accessed from 4wd vehicles and on foot.

Our Spring Bear hunts can involve lots of hours sitting on baits.

During the daytime we have fishing available on the Red Fork of the Powder River. The fishing this time of the year is typically excellent. This is a great way to break up the long days that we have during these bear hunts.




December through early April

Physically Demanding

About Our Wyoming Lion Hunts

These hunts typically run from December through early April. These hunts are extremely weather dependent. With fresh snow the success of these hunts goes way up.

We typically try to have hunters “on call” for these hunts and come when the conditions are right.

These hunt can be extremely physically demanding. Lots of miles are covered in 4wd vehicles looking for fresh tracks, but typically when a track is found we take off on foot.

We are fortunate enough to hunt one of the only areas in the state with no quota and a year round season.

Spring Bear & Lion Hunt Accommodations

Our Spring Bear & Lion hunts take place in in the Southern end of Bighorn Mountains. We have rustic, yet comfortable accommodations for our hunters stay in, and home cooking made by our guides. Don’t let that scare you, our guides are well seasoned in the art of camp cooking. (translation: you’re going to eat well)

Lunches are provided at the cabin or in the field given the hunting situations for the day. Plenty of snacks and drinks are provided throughout the day as each guide carries a cooler in their rig.

Important Information

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